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At Scott Matuza Golf Academy, we teach students how to understand, and experience and most importantly, allow them to feel what makes an effective golf swing.


Scott Matuza Golf Academy

Our focus is to make sure you build a solid swing that holds up under all kinds of pressure and in different golf environments. 

With proper instruction and proper time put forth on your behalf, we can reach any goal on or off the golf course.

Scott Matuza

I have more than 15 years’ experience in professional golf management and instruction and hold an extensive knowledge of new emerging technology to keep up to date with the fast growing golf market.

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Our History

I started playing golf at the age of 4 years old, hitting balls around every chance I got.  My grandfather was the course greens keeper at a private club and I would spend countless hours there as a child.  


When I started the Golf Academy I had a vision in mind that has grown into my ultimate passion.  As a golf shop professional, both here in South Florida and in New York, I found that my members weren’t getting any better or improving as they should have.


I give all my clients my word with proper instruction and proper time put forth on your behalf we can reach any goal on or off the golf course.  That’s what Scott Matuza Golf Academy is doing today.  Building solid golf swings one client at a time.

We let our students speak for themselve

Results that work, round after round

An excellent approach to teaching golf. Lessons are fun and definitely worthwhile. I still have a way to go, but it has been great!

Mateo Saraga

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Lessons Packages

Introduction Golf series

USD 1,400
  • 6 hours

Basic tune up series

USD 2,040
  • 9 hours

Advance Series

USD 2,680
  • 12 hours

Professional Series

USD 3,520
  • 16 hours

The Best Facilities

Known as one of Miami’s best Championship Golf Courses, Miami Lakes Golf Club offers golfers of all skill levels an enjoyable day on the course. 

Originally designed by Bill Watts in 1962 and later updated in 1998 by nationally recognized Golf Course Architect Kipp Schulties, Miami Lakes Golf Club is the perfect destination for great golf. 


My typical new client or student routine varies. I like to always go over the proper grip stance and set up. But after that I like to see physical limitations. Meaning I will put you through hell that first lesson. If I need to, I will break your swing down and rebuild it back up all in the same Session. What we try to do at Scott Matuza Golf is try to find something to relate to in your swing to Many of the analogies I will play off in my head and break it down for you in term that you understand and can deliver once I put the golf club back in your hands. That’s why I say I am a tough swing coach. But I will almost guarantee improvement with our style of instruction.

Scotty started this company & coaching on his own mainly because I tried to get on tour myself an found out like most I had a great game but not good enough to play at that ultimate level. Scott has coached collegiate golf for a few years in the NAIA divisions. Find out a lot about who I was and what my focus would be from that time on.

Currently, my client roster is mainly Corporate CEOS, Business Owners, MLB Players, PGA Tour Players, Ex NFL Players, Ex NHL Players, etc. we like to keep our client confidentiality SAFE & SECURE.

Recently I started coaching a player on the Web.com tour. We’re having so much fun developing our relationship along with good solid practicing sessions. This young man is my project. He has Full Status for 2018 and our goal is Finals where his beloved coach will be his Looper for the event. Top 5 go to the Web.com tour so goals of my top players are now visible to the public. This is how we do things here at Scott Matuza Golf Academy. Golf is hard. You never beat this game we only improve.

Look for a coach that cares for your outcomes. I tell all my clients my classes are long. We don’t clock watch here. Look for someone who also specializes in what your looking to create. Everyone can teach. It’s the special ones that take the time out to really explain and show you the fixes to your swings. Being able to fully FEEL what your coach is explaining. That’s what I tell everyone looking to hire a coach.

What are they looking to get out of private or group lessons with a swing coach. What are their personal goals. And be honest with your goals and expectations. I always tell my clients I can tell If your practicing or not. Reason being most Pros won’t tell you this. I for one don’t sugar coat anything which is good and bad. But most good coaches can teach one thing 10 different ways. The key to a good coach is watching your improvements. And making sure your always improving cause if not again your wasting your money and that certain swing coaches time.

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